Should You Buy A Switch In 2020?

Hey guys, this is Burak, from Burak's Blog.

So, a few of my close friends have been getting Nintendo Switches over the past couple of months, and I, somebody who's had one since launch (2017) was confused on why they were buying it so late.

Yes, the Switch may have some third-party games left for release, but mainly, all of the games the Switch is known for, has already came out, been played, and been beaten millions of times.

An example of this is the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In the summer, me and my friend from swimming grinded LoZ:BotW for 2 weeks or so. Anyways, we wanted to watch content about the game we were playing, but the newest thing was from October or November of 2017!

This meant that we were stuck with old content for the game we were playing, and soon, we stopped.

This is just one of the stories of people that have experienced this dilemma. Most of the games made by Nintendo and some third-parties have already reached their prime.

However, why would my two friends from school buy a Switch in Late 2019/Early 2020?

The primary reason is that Switch still offers one of the cheapest, most portable, and most reliable consoles for people who aren't serious gamers. Yes, there are those special snowflakes, competing in Super Smash Bros. competitions, but other than them, it's mostly ordinary people.

To add, the Switch has many actually fun online multiplayer games to play with your friends. But, although it has good multiplayer games, the voice chat service that Nintendo attempts to provide isn't as good as the one on the Xbox One or the PS4. Seriously. You need an app on your phone to talk to people you're playing with, rather than having it integrated in.

But most importantly, the Switch is portable. Unlike its predecessors, the Switch can be a home-console and a movable one too! It has almost has the same graphics as an X-Box One, but is portable and comfortable too, like an oversized 3-DS.

To conclude, I think that buying a Nintendo Switch is a much worse investment than what it was over three years ago, but it still has playable games, and it's pretty cheap. If you don't have any modern console at all, like my friends that bought it, it's a steal. But if you are Microsoft fanboy, and have photos of Bill Gates on your wall, you'd be wasting your money. All in all, it really depends on the type of gamer you are to find out if it's a smart investment to buy a Nintendo Switch.

So, this was an attempt at some sort of review. Hey, at least I've been having the schedule going for the past 3 weeks, and I actually feel much better making posts like these. Not superiorly long, but I don't put too much pressure on myself to make these posts, and it's quite fun. Anyways, I'll be hoping I don't fail in Geometry tomorrow, getting cooked in Life Skills, and debating with my friends what console is better (X-Box FTW!).

This is Burak, from Burak's Blog.