Series FTW | Blogging Advice Part 1

Hey guys, this is Burak, from Burak's Blog.

So, I don't feel qualified enough to create this series on advice on writing a blog, but I have grown a lot this past year, especially since August, where I have been getting around 35 views per day.

Anyways, today I'll be talking about why you should create more series to grow your blog.

A series gives a blog a lot of views, if done right. The first post of the series is usually just an average post, maybe even below average, since your viewers don't have an understanding of what it's about and the style.

On the first post of the series, make sure to introduce the reader to the style of how it will be, but don't actually say it. For instance, let's look at the first post of my most recent series, Preparation For My First Rubik's Cube Competition. Here is what I wrote.

"Hey guys, this is Burak, from Burak's Blog. So, you know, I like cubing, and well I want to go to a competition. And guess what, I just happen to be in one. I guess I need to practice for the competition now. So, you know, I should probably do that."

In that introduction, I get right to the point and don't hassle to talk about other things, like how the series works and how many parts there will be.

Once you have a successful first post, make a different post unrelated to the series that you're working on, and then publish the series. What I mean by this is that you should not post your series in a row, but rather in between other posts, so your viewers have something to look forward to, giving you SO MANY VIEWS!

Also, make sure to write long series, not short ones. A short one may just be a part one and two, or just 3 or 4, but if you want to maximize growth, upwards of 10 is the way to go.

With the strategies I've depicted, you should crank out a series in about 2-4 months, if you post a lot.

So that was a good post. It's kind of ironic how I'm starting a series on blogging, and the first post is about series. Other than that, nothing is really happening right now, except that I have a long break in a few days so that's cool. Oh yeah, I'm not going to show any links, because I'm too lazy to...

This is Burak, signing off for now.