The First Day Of School 2019 - 2020

Hey guys, this is Burak, from Burak's Blog.

So, we're back at it again in school. Yay?

I'm finally in middle school, so that's something.

Also, thank's for the views I've been getting, about 30 - 60 views.

Morning And Homeroom

The day started off with me waking up at 6:30, pouring water onto my body, and having breakfast. After finishing breakfast at 7:05, I went back upstairs to my computer for 20 minutes, until my bus arrived. I got onto it, talked with Michael, and arrived at the "Place Of Learning".

Michael and I stayed in the gym for a few minutes, as we gathered our friends to embark on a naruto run. Once the teachers opened the doors, us, about 5 people, naruto run, more so naruto walked, but still, we had some in-school preparation for Area 51.

After our success, in... seeing them lockers, we parted our ways for homeroom. We had a quick 10-minute chat on how the day would work, and how middle school classes changed. After a quick round of Footsies, we left the class.

Health And Math
(P1 - P2)

Once we left the class, a few people and I head on to Health, on the opposite side of the building. It took us around an eternity to get there, about one minute. After arriving, we made ourselves comfortable and got on to talk about how Health would work for the first marking period. After 45 minutes, I ran back to the other side of the building for math.

After having another minute of walking, I was pretty sure my feet would die, so I sat down in Geometry. As I expected, we did nothing. Technically we did something, but it was just talking about how the year would be (literally every class this day).

Science, Art, And Social Studies
(P3 - P5)

Finally, my classes were close together, as I only needed to walk for 15 seconds. THANK YOU! I arrived at Science, and the same thing that's been happening for the past two periods happened, so nothing exciting.

After Science, I trotted for another 15 seconds to Art, in which we made "things that gave us joy". There's nothing to complain here since it wasn't the usual. After finishing that assignment, we were told to start our Art folders. I had a few minutes to do that, but I was far from finishing. We then left the class, once the bell rang, and I had a somewhat long journey to Social Studies.

Social Studies started off with a pretty fun and neat activity, in which we had to complete an assignment, but the assignment wasn't meant to be completed. It was some weird thing, but once gotten into, it was pretty sick. After that, of course, the ICONIC SLIDESHOW. This one wasn't too bad, but it still had me contemplating whether I should sleep.

Lunch, OP, LAL

After Social Studies, we had Lunch. Finally, LUNCH! My friends and I gobbled down food, as we talked about how our lunch aids were the same teacher as our Spanish teachers (A, Teacher) somehow. After 30 minutes of consumption, we had OP, otherwise known as Opportunity Period, where you can do whatever you want.

At OP, we went back to our homeroom teachers, rather than our OP ones, since we would receive locks for our lockers. 30 minutes of lock-talk passed by, a few matches of Footsies (again), and organization of our binders. After that, I walked the long distance of 4 yards to my LAL teacher.

We walked into the classroom and actually had a lesson. And we also had a room tour, but who cares about that. In the end, after 2 periods of fun, my LAL class had come to an end, therefore, the first day of school had ceased.

OK, that post took longer than expected. Thanks for reading it, and thank you for the support I've been getting on this blog recently. Whenever I say that, however, you guys seem to ditch my blog for a few days, so I'm pretty cautious.
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This is Burak, from Burak's Blog.