A Day In My Life

Hey guys, this is Burak, from Burak's Blog.

It's 6:47 in the morning when I'm writing this, which means that my bus is in 50 minutes.

Anyways, I decided that I would show you guys a day in my life.

5:45 - 7:00 A.M.
(Getting Ready With The Day)

I woke up at my usual time in the morning, and just sort of lied in bed. I looked over my homework, read some CNET, checked my blog stats, and coded Nanji's Quest. When it was 6:45, I found an annoying bug in the laser section of Nanji's Quest, so I decided that I would take a break, and continue when I came home from school.

I logged onto my blog, and started making this post, as you can see from the introduction. I then shut down my computer.

7:00 - 7:30
(Sleeping By Accident)

This is a usual rare occurrence, but it still happens to me. I make it clear to myself to ride the bus but after coding/reading for an hour and fifteen minutes, I became tired and fell asleep. I normally, though, would have had breakfast in this time.

7:30 - 8:00

After falling asleep, I woke up at seven thirty and put clothes on my body. I ran downstairs, ate a bowl of cereal, then put toothpaste on my teeth via plastic. Once my brush became red from my vicious brushing, I packed my bag and left for school.

8:20 - 9:08
(Homeroom and Math)

Once I arrived at school, I waited for 15 minutes in the all-purpose room. Our teachers then released us from our detainment, and let us be free, by putting our bags in our lockers.

I walked into homeroom, sat down for a few minutes while the morning announcement played, and then set off for my two-minute walk to Algebra I.

In math, we reviewed different functions, such as linear, exponential, and quadratic.

9:10 - 11:00
(Spanish, And More Math)

Alexander and I walked to Spanish, to be amazed by the glory of doing oral presentations depicting our personality.

It was fun, nonetheless, since most of the kids finished the presentations, so we just sat and hanged out for 43 minutes.

Once Spanish ceased to an end, we took on the most perilous of all journeys, walking for 5 seconds to go back to our homeroom teacher.

Alex and I barely survived the expedition, and as we walked into the classroom, we trekked to the back of the room, to do more math, since the teacher was still teaching math.

After an hour of more math, we kicked open the door and got our lunches, only to walk 1 and a half minutes to the cafeteria.

11:00 - 12:20
(Lunch, Recess, and Health)

After getting released from the treacherous classrooms, we put food into our mouths and attempted to digest it.

After filling our stomachs to its limit, we ran outside and for recess, in which we played Hide (and Seek) In The Sack.

We all dripped with sweat, so we were mildly happy to go to health. Weirdly enough, we also did oral presentations, on 3 vitamins or minerals that we selected. I did potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous.

12:25 - 3:00

Once we encountered the longest quest of all, walking for 3 minutes to our LAL teacher, we were glad to enter the room of learning.

We read our fantasy book club books and had fun making graphic novels, since it included an element of narrative fiction writing.

Thus, time somewhat flew by, and we were surprised to hear the "bell" ring loud and proud as it would always do. We hollered and yelled our way out the room, and raced ourselves to the bus, via horde.

3:00 - 5:45
(Riding The Bus And Doing Homework)

We jumped ourselves onto the bus, and after a 45-minute ride, I was able to step back onto my property... after 8 hours of being at school or riding the bus.

I had some food, obviously, I wasn't going to starve myself to death, and I did some homework, such as studying for my math exam, or coding Nanji's Quest (such homework).

5:45 - 10:30
(Swimming And Coding)

I changed into my bathing suit, packed my swim bag, and hopped inside the car for a quarter-hour ride.

Once we came to the facility, I swam and left at 8.

I came home, tired, so I just had some food and went to my room, to code for an hour or two, and get rest, after staying awake for 17 hours.


Thank you for reading today's post. I know I didn't post yesterday when this post was initially meant to come out, but this post was crazy long, about 900 words, I think.

Anyways, let's try getting 15K before my 1.5-year blogversery, since it would be a huge accomplishment for Burak's Blog.


This And That, Here And There is a cool blog with over 140 thousand views! The topics he writes about are litteraly about everything, like mine, and he makes quality posts once a month!

Aliterate is a neat blog with about 200 views. He's growing, though, but not at the fasted rate mankind has seen. He usually posts once a week, and he has short posts, usually 150 words long, that are humorous, and about life experiences.

Shout-out to the members of NaiveGames:

Burak Iloglu (coder of NaiveGames website, Nanji's Quest, and partially codes the NaiveText packages)
Michael Royzman (visual and graphic designer that creates the ideas)
Alexander Wang (partially codes NaiveText packages)

Now, I have something called finals that I should be studying for, but I'll be counting days till school ends, typing on my membrane keyboard, and listening to Queen in awe. Goodbye, farewell, whatever suits you best.

This is Burak, signing off for now.


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