Sony MDR-ZX310 R - Metallic Red Review

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Hey guys, this is Burak, from Burak's Blog.

So, I have a lot of time this weekend, and I have NJSLA testing in literally 4 days, so I decided that I would write a review, about headphones. Sounds good, huh?

Anyways, Old Town Road is nice, headphones are cool, and microphones work.

Thus the bad things first.

No Microphone

If you actually read my posts *COUGH COUGH* haters *COUGH COUGH*, then from the first travel post of Peru, you guys know that my favorite pair of headphones broke... so I bought the same exact model, just that it doesn't have a microphone!

In my old pair of headphones, there was a small microphone with amazing quality on the cable. It was nice, but it had a maximum capacity of noise, but nonetheless, it was great, and it had a mic.

Now, these pair of headphones had an option of getting one with a mic at checkout, but I didn't buy that, for these 3 reasons:

  1. It cost 5 -15 dollars more
  2. The microphone was attached to the headphones itself so I couldn't use it for NJSLA testing
  3. It was sold from unreliable sellers with horrible to none return policies.

Alas, the good things (literally everything).


Well, as stated on the Amazon page I bought this on, these headphones are foldable. They fold backward, via a curving position of the earcups. While the headphones are folded, they're 4 and a half centimeters, otherwise, they're 6.5.


Unlike the headphones I had broke, that just had a line of plastic, the strap is actually pretty comfy, although it's not soft. The strap's thickness changes so it can easily curve around your head, and so it can extend, up to 2 centimeters (sorry 'Merica).


Another great thing about these headphones is that the cable isn't 10 inches thick, but it's still extremely sturdy. For instance, when I touch the cable, bend it, or do anything with it, and there's no problem in the audio. Amazing!


Audio is the most important thing in a pair of headphones, obviously, they're used for listening purposes. Anyways, the audio on the Sony MDR-ZX310 R is pretty good. No, it's not a 250 dollar Razer headset, of course, but it still is good. The lowest it can go is 40 Hertz, and the highest is 15,000 Hertz. It's not like you're going to need to listen to that kind of music, but just in case, the headphones have got you covered. In fact, here's a video to help test your headphones, via unsecured polish web shortener:

It's review time...

If I were to rate the Sony MDR-ZX310 R using the ORCLP Scale, I would give it a 92.

Overrated - 20 points: I haven't seen any reviews besides on Amazon for these headphones, and the product is good, thus it's not overrated.

Replay Value - 30 points: These are headphones, so they have infinite replay value, since I use them for testing, listening to music, and other sorts of things.

Controls - 20 points: There aren't any controls on this pair of headphones, making giving it a simple and elegant interface.

Lag - 15 points: There is some added lag to my computer when I plug my headphones in. Yes... it's small, but it exists.

Personal - 7 points: I honestly love these headphones! The only reason I give it a 7, out of 10, is that it's not the best headphones on the market, obviously, compared to 300-400 dollar headphones. But, it still is great, and its the best for its price point of 26.95.

Now, here are my standards of the ORCLP Scale.

85 - 100: If you like it, BUY IT!

75 - 84: You should look at some other products first, but I mean, if you really like it, go for it.

74 and under: Check out other products, but if you desperately need it, for some reason, or you love it, I guess you could buy it.

If you want to buy it, click this.


Thanks for reading this review. Again, if you wish to buy the Sony MDR-Zx310 R, just go to


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