Throwing Up Altitude Sickness | 2019 Spring Traveling Day 2

Hey guys, this is Burak, from Burak's Blog.

Thanks for the support on LMYAM #2 and Day 1, by the way.

Anyways, let's jump right in to day 2!

Remember how I told you how I had to wait until 4:43? Well, waiting SUCKED. We weren't allowed to go to our domestic gate until 1:30. So, we waited for 2 and a half you'd at the food court, with chicken stains on the table, and spilled Inca Kola on the chairs and floor.

Finally, after attempted sleep, and reading my book, it was 1:38. We quickly walked through domestic security. There was literally 5 people there, my family, and the one guard who was generous enough to do the night shift.

After the easiest security I've ever experienced, we walked for another five minutes until we arrived at our gate. There, we literally slept on each other. Every person got 3 seats to sleep in, and there was at least 2 people in each seat.

Once the 3 hour torcher was over, we were allowed to board the plane. We rode on Latam, in a A320. The plane was medium sized, with 29 rows, of course, is being in last. Anyways, it's time for ✈ AIRPLANE REVIEW ✈.

First of all, the plane was not that clean when we rode on it. The tray table had some trash on it, and the pocket where the magazines were was also covered in trash.

The flight was pretty good and smooth, with little to no turbulence. The only bad thing that happened was when the plane went through the clouds, it suddenly shakes and went 15% faster.

The overall flight was decent, and I would rate it 3 out of 5.

Anyways, after we landed in Cusco, I could immediately feel the shortage in oxygen. We hopped into a taxi, and it drove us to our hotel, J.W. Marriot. There, we slept for an hour, because of the rough night we had before.

After our hour-long sleep, we went to breakfast, in which I found out that I got... altitude sickness. I felt horrible. I ate half of a waffle, and ran back to my room, in which I somewhat threw up.

After that... incident, I felt much better. We got out of our hotel at 10-ish, and left to start the first day of our trip.

We first went to the cathedral that was in the city center. It was gorgeous. After that, we went from souvenir store to souvenir store, attempting to find a traditional Peruvian jacket made out of alpaca wool. Some of them were 200 dollars, and the others were 10. So, which one should you buy. I recommend first going into an expensive store, and feeling the wool of the jacket. Then, you should feel the wool of all the jackets you see, and then buy the one that's most like the 200 dollar one. Remeber, alpaca wool should be extremely soft and smooth.

Anyways, after 4 hours, give or take, we went back to the hotel, and changed into our bathing suits. Then, we went to the pool, which was incredibly small. Think about it like this, I could go to the other side of the pool by just pushing off the wall. Anyways, Ali and I were swimming in the pool, and the staff screamed at us, for "making to much noise". We were swimming, as slow as possible, and there was a 3-year-old screaming.

After that, we each took a shower, and then we left to go to the Sun Temple. The Sun Temple was literally minutes away. Once we arrived at the temple, we instantly saw its beauty. We went inside, and found out that we weren't allowed to take photos, so we just left, exploring the area near it. There, we arrived into the city center, again, and found a very authentic Starbucks with an amazing view. We had some coffee, some empanadas, and some muffins, before leaving.

Once we left, we went into the courtyard of our hotel, and relaxed. Once it was 5:45, we went to the lobby of our hotel, and waited for fifteen minutes until the hotel tour started. 10 minutes into the tour, we found ourselves distracted and bored, so we just left to eat dinner at the hotel. Of course, since I still had some altitude sickness in me, I ate half of a burger. Then, after 10 minutes of just waiting, and sitting on my dinner, I went back to the courtyard, and found something really cool... SMORES!

I dashed to the table, put a marshmallow on the metal stick, and stuck it into the fire. After 10 marshmallows, and an almost exploded stomach, we went back into our hotel rooom, and got some sleep.

This is Burak, signing off for now.


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